, known for connecting neighbors and communities through a social message platform, is piloting a new real estate section which offers real estate professionals the opportunity to see how homes are selling in their neighborhood.  The initial beta pilot is only available in a limited number of areas. There is no official date for launch.

Nextdoor is a thriving, people-driven platform that offers neighborhood safety information, message boards, classified ads and the occasional real estate listing. However, they are developing a place specifically for those real estate listings, which appear to be MLS feeds to the website.

“Given the high level of interest in housing trends and prices, it makes sense for them to offer some real estate tools on their app,” says Tracey Velt, editor of publications for REAL Trends. “This reminds us that, although we have leaders in the online real estate world that we know about, this announcement and the one a few days ago about Amazon, informs us that there are many more entries yet to come.”

“Twenty years ago, the largest media companies were TV networks and studios; today, the largest media companies weren’t even around then. Also, today’s largest brokerage firms, NRT and HomeServices did not exist 20 years ago,” says Velt. “There are numerous examples of this fact. The truth is things change, so announcements like this aren’t a surprise.”

According to the Nextdoor site, “New listings will be announced in the newsfeed on a regular basis and in Daily Digest emails. Click on a listing to see details about the property for sale. Some pages will have a module to the right showcasing the listing agent. This is one of the paid products real estate agents can participate in. This makes it easy for members to reach out to a listing agent and learn more about some of the agents who sell homes in their local community. If you’re an agent and you’re interested in participating, share this form with your broker.”

From this, it’s clear that Nextdoor is only inviting brokerages to participate in the program, not individual sales associates. At this time, it’s not clear which areas or cities are being tested. According to a review of its own backyard, it found that Dallas appears to be one of the test markets.

But, there is a separate page for information on the Neighborhood Sponsor program, which states that Neighborhood Sponsorship is currently only available for “limited markets in the San Francisco Bay, San Diego, Portland, Phoenix, greater Atlanta, and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.” Each listing featured a section inviting visitors to see the “newest listings” on

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