It’s no surprise that digital marketing professionals see a shift in conversion rates between static ads and video ads. The scales have tipped in the direction of video ads, with an average conversion rate of 1.84 percent.


With numbers like that, we are often asked by our brokerage clients how to incorporate video into a successful digital marketing strategy. For many, that means flashy Facebook ads and YouTube videos. That’s only half the battle. Digital marketing requires that you steal the attention of your consumer, entice them to click on an ad and drive them back to your site.


To get a return on your investment, you want to engage your consumer on your website and turn a click into a lead. This is where the videos on your website can play a crucial role in your overall strategy. Companies that feature enticing videos and calls to action have succeeded in leveraging video to drive home a lead.


We are often asked how to use video in the real estate industry.

Here are a few strategies that we suggest:

  1. Recruiting Testimonial Videos. Think bigger than a static ad that limits your ability to tell your story and define your company culture.
  2. Community Videos. Consumers are driven by lifestyle. Buyers who enjoy the outdoors are more inclined to look at communities that cater to their specific hobbies and interests. Entice these lifestyle buyers through a video that speaks to the culture of the community, amenities and the local schools and recreation centers. Above all, community videos tell a story and invite consumers to learn more.
  3. Tips & Tricks. For a new homebuyer or someone looking to sell, it’s helpful to have a few suggestions to get them going. Think a digital home buyer or seller guide.


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