Most real estate professionals have multiple accounts with at least a few technology platforms.The most popular of these consist of email and social media accounts. Some native apps have these capabilities seamlessly built in, such as the Gmail app and the Mail app in iOS. Twitter also allows you to switch easily between accounts within its native app. However, there are limitations to the functionality of these apps, and not all apps have this feature.


Facebook is one example where it’s difficult to manage multiple personal profiles from the native application interface. While it’s true that Facebook has a separate Pages app that allows you to post and manage other company pages, the personal profile management is missing. The best way to solve this problem is to use the third-party app Friendly. This will allow a user to set up and run multiple accounts from the same platform on the same device—which can be a real timesaver for agents who depend on their mobile devices for their livelihood. Give Friendly a shot on the App Store. If it compliments your work style, it’s worth the couple dollars to remove the ads and upgrade to its paid version.