When searching Google, you may have noticed that some results have exactly what you are looking for laid out in the form of a direct link under the initial search result. These links, placed under the primary search result, are known as Google Sitelink Extensions. These links are powerful tools used to cast a wider net to a targeted audience. Rather than only one link and description in an ad, a company or firm can present multiple links and items to the individual searching for the price of one traditional ad.


Google has been experimenting with changing its sitelink extension formatting from the traditional two column format to a list form so that they can incorporate more links into one ad and develop an easy-to-digest format on mobile devices.


Google is also experimenting with incorporating images into sitelinks. This feature gives some pop to the boring format of traditional Google ads and search results. By allowing images, marketers and digital advertisers can stand out from other ads that are competing for ad space in the search.


Below shows an image of a traditional sitelink extension ad:

Here is a screenshot of the potential new format of Google’s sitelink extensions with a list view:

Finally, here is an example of sitelink extensions incorporating images: