To celebrate REAL Trends’ 30th anniversary year, we will bring back old articles from our early years to see how much (or little) has changed about the industry.

Laurie Moore-Moore and I started the company in 1987. Originally, we focused on a monthly trends newsletter, and the two of us also did our own consulting work. Along the way, REAL Trends has changed somewhat! Laurie is no longer a partner, all four publications are online, and we have more readers than we could have ever hoped. We manage the rankings of the leading brokerage firms and agents in the industry. We host 13 CEO conferences a year, including the Gathering of Eagles. And, we’ve built a reputable and respected consulting practice in valuations, mergers and acquisitions as well as in digital marketing.

In other words, we change with the times by adding new services and leaving others behind as the market dictated.

We will follow this path into the next 30 years, as well. We now have a tremendous team of young, talented professionals who are learning more about the brokerage business, and faster, than the founders ever did. They will be the ones to determine the shape of REAL Trends in the future.

One thing that the founder and the next generation agree on is this—when the choice is between solidifying our position as The Trusted Source or chasing size and monetary returns, they agree that there is no choice.

REAL Trends will always remain The Trusted Source.

We owe a debt of gratitude that we can never repay to the hundreds and thousands of clients and readers. Thank you for all that you mean to us.