Video continues to be important piece of the puzzle for effective social media programs.

2016 was a big year for social media advancements. Facebook rolled out Marketplace, Reactions and Facebook LIVE. Instagram introduced a live feature called Stories, competing with Snapchat (and coming close to winning!) The public embraced these new live social media assets. According to Cisco and reported by The Wall Street Journal, by the year 2020, some 75 percent of mobile traffic will be video, and not just in the United States, but in the world!


Why is going live such a big deal? Many social media users are tired of scripted video content and crave the transparency that you get from live video. Facebook recently made an adjustment to its News Feed to make live videos more visible to help video engagement.


Here are a few ways to create your own live content:


  1. Show off corporate events such as volunteer days or awards ceremonies. The great thing about going live during these events is that you have an agenda for the day. Start recording during an important moment of the event or when you think there will be a lot of viewership.


  1. Connect with clients or other real estate professionals by hosting a Q&A session. Facebook Live has gotten easier to use with additional lenses and filters and allows you to see user questions in real time.


  1. Encourage agents to share testimonies or other success stories on their personal pages. You can share their video on the corporate page to show support.


At REAL Trends, we’ve experimented with Live on both Facebook and Instagram and found the engagement to be much higher than our typical video or display posts. It’s been a blast figuring out how to best use this tool in our monthly marketing.


If this feature is a tool that you find useful, there are many ways to improve the quality of your video without taking away from the authenticity of the material. Our advice? Take the leap and give it a try!