Smart home technology can be broken down into three or four major sub-categories. One of these categories is security monitoring and cameras. This category has many players, some of the most notable include DropCam, Blink for Home and Arlo.  Arlo recently released its new camera line, Arlo Pro. It seems like Arlo has picked all the features I liked from various camera systems and integrated them all into one perfect camera. Some of the notable features this camera system offers include:

  • Wire-free camera. With this camera, you can move it without the struggle of running wires.
  • This is the first wire-free camera that is truly weatherproof, which means it can be discretely incorporated around the perimeter of your home.
  • Two-way audio. This allows for clear communication between those on camera and those who have access to the camera feed. This particular feature is convenient for communicating with kids and as a monitor.
  • Complimentary cloud recording. View backlogged video for free over a seven-day period.

To date, this is the most feature-rich camera on the market. The price for the Arlo Pro system starts at $650, which includes the hub that connects to your router and four cameras. To learn about the Arlo Pro system visit: Please note that Arlo Pro is not a sponsor of REAL Trends, nor do we benefit from its sales.