For most of us, our lives have become almost entirely digital. Photos, videos, financial statements, work reports and other important documents—everything that can be sent or shared online, usually is. To keep our digital possessions protected, it’s important that we have a solid plan for safeguarding our digital universe.

Here are the top five reasons to start backing up now.

1. Save a tree. If you don’t already keep your important documents electronically, now’s a great time to start! You not only avoid accumulating a big pile of paper credit card and bank statements, you can protect and access everything in the cloud. Ultimately, you’ll reduce the amount of paper shredding, recycling and waste each month.

2. Clean up. Storing your documents, photos and videos electronically is also a great way to stay organized! De-clutter your desk, and move that bulky filing cabinet out of the way—with a secure online backup system, your information is all in one place, out of sight and out of the way.

3. Move it. With online backup, users can store and securely access encrypted files from a central location online. No longer anchored to a massive hard drive just, log in and access the files you need.

4. Mobilize. Backup technology is more convenient than ever now that users with mobile apps can browse their encrypted backup archive to download files directly to their devices. No matter where you roam, you can access your information so you’re never stuck without that business presentation.

5. Play it safe. Be safe, not sorry. Every week in the U.S 140,000 hard drives crash. Fortunately, you can ensure that the dreaded blue computer screen or a soaking wet laptop doesn’t ruin your day by safeguarding important documents and files against disaster now! So no matter your reason for going digital – saving a tree, organizing your home, keeping your sanity or just staying prepared – it’s time to back it up.

Information from: Code 42, maker of  backup software and online backup provider, CrashPlan (

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