Data analyzed from almost 10 years of brokerage insights

By Steve Murray, publisher

 We did a review of the top 100 firms in the country from 2006 to 2015 that were ranked on the REAL Trends 500. Here’s a synopsis of those findings.

  • 70 firms that were ranked in the top 100 firms in 2006 were still in the top 100 as of 2015. Of these, 35 were affiliated with a national brand and 35 were independent;
  • 50 firms grew their closed transactions over those 10 years while there were 20 that didn’t.
  • Total new and existing home sales were down 23.1% from 2006 to 2015 according to NAR’s home sales totals.
  • These 70 firms grew on average 13.3% during the same period.
  • These 70 firms averaged 13.4% increase in agent productivity and 13.8% in office productivity in the 10 years.
  • Of the top 10, eight grew almost entirely via organic means.
    Two grew mainly through acquisition of other firms.
  • Of the top 10, seven were affiliated with a national franchise organization while three were independent.
  • Two firms grew more than 240% during the 10 years. One grew almost entirely by organic means and one almost totally by acquisition.
  • Of these 70 firms, seven were in the northeast, 23 were in the south, 17 were in the Midwest and 24 were in the western region.n