Several years after its inception, Facebook developed a way to monetize the platform through digital advertising. After all, an endless of pool of information was available at their fingertips. Why not take advantage of the detailed user profiles, clicks and likes to encourage advertising through the platform? This new capability opened a door for digital marketing professionals and business owners.

Since then, Facebook has perfected its marketing capabilities through Facebook Ads Manager. Not only can you leverage detailed user profile information to hone in on your intended audience, but also you have the advanced geo-targeting capabilities and the effectiveness of newsfeed advertising.

Whether you’ve boosted posts or you’re a full-fledged Facebook marketing guru, here are some things you may not have known:

1. The amount of text on your ad can influence how often it is shown.
The more text you have on an image; the lower the delivery will be. Use the Facebook grid tool to test an image before you upload it into a campaign. Remember the 80/20 image to text ratio when creating ads.

2. Refreshing your ad is important.
Facebook campaigns do not allow you to influence how many times an ad is shown to the same user. Swap out your ad creative often to avoid repetitiveness with your advertising efforts.

3. Use audience insights to reach a relevant audience.
With this feature, you can target your intended audience based on factors such as browsing habits, location, income and other demographic filters. Understanding your audience before running a campaign allows you to be strategic with your ad creative and messaging.

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