A few weeks ago, I wrote about how smartphones are a major source of distraction while driving and that lockdown technology is already in the works. It turns out that there’s something simpler than an app on the market. It’s The Phone Box Movement.


As the name suggests, The Phone Box Movement is a box that you place on the passenger side dash of your vehicle. Before you pull out of your driveway, place your phone in the vibrant, green box and leave it there during your commute. The phone doesn’t lose functionality; it’s just knowingly out of reach.

The Phone Box Movement has grown quickly since its inception in November 2016. Within six days of launching the product through Kickstarter, founders TJ and Melissa Therrien reached their pledge goal of $7,000 with just over 200 backers. In late January, phone boxes arrived for the early backers.


If you’re prone to fiddling with your phone while driving, try The Phone Box Movement. For around $10 a box, you can become a part of the movement. Curious to see who’s already using the box? Follow the movement by using the hashtag #thephoneboxmovement.