The success of real estate professionals depends largely on creating and nurturing their immediate contact list. The initial process of creating this cherished list or sphere is challenging. Once this list is created, maintaining and nurturing your sphere takes additional time and commitment.


How can you stay front of mind with your sphere? Popular methods include mail giveaways, email, email newsletters and via social media and digital marketing. Traditionally, digital marketing can also ensure that your message and brand is getting in front of a specific group of individuals.


To help with digital marketing, SmartZip recently unveiled a new platform that allows users to upload an email contact list so they can market online exclusively to specific individuals. After uploading the list, users are guided through a simple interface to create ads and allocate an advertising budget. Upon launching your digital campaign, you may log into the platform at any time to see the engagement that has been made with your campaigns and your sphere. This strategy takes the guesswork out of marketing. To stay top of mind with your sphere visit


Note: REAL Trends does not have a relationship with SmartZip; we just like the product!