We recently met a company on the edge of something great. In our conversation with Deckspire, they took an out-of-the-box approach to agent adoption of CRM. Their technology is more than just CRM. We will vet this more thoroughly in the coming weeks. However, it made a lasting impression on us.


Here is the layman’s description. This is Siri meets real estate CRM and marketing. They prefer not to use the moniker CRM at all. Aiva, the clever name of the virtual assistant, is the interface with the CRM. Mostly done through SMS text and or voice text, the sales associate never has to log into the CRM. They don’t have a login at all, as Aiva does everything for them. Aiva can add contacts, tag contacts, send marketing, send listings, log reminders, log conversations and more! It’s cutting edge and takes the adoption out of the CRM conversation. It even takes the CRM out of the CRM conversation. What’s left is just a conversation with Aiva. Stay tuned as we learn more about this fascinating new technology.


Learn more here: https://www.deckspire.com/products/aiva-real-estate-ai-assistant/