By: Rachel Stinson

Holding an open house can be the most fun parts of selling your home. But, as exciting as it may sound to empty the house of your belongings and revamp it so that it looks presentable, the task comes with prep work and responsibility.

Putting on an open house is by far the most efficient way of presenting your home in front of a buyer. Open houses hold great power in convincing a buyer of the feasibility and aptness of your place. However, only if done correctly.

If making something presentable and appealing to the public’s eye is art, then an open house is art no lesser. In fact, if you ever get the chance to go to an open house in Marjan Island, you will see for yourself how much creativity and aesthetic sense people put into their open house days. But that comes secondary depending on the type of buyer you are trying to attract. What does stay primary to all open houses is the following checklist; one that must be looked into thoroughly before opening your house to potential buyers if you wish to make the right impact.

  1. De-Clutter and Depersonalize

Remember, you only want to extend an idea of how the potential buyer can utilize the space in your house; not impose your own style. This plays an important psychological role in making the buyers believe that you are ready to pass the home over to another family. De-cluttering and depersonalization generally include:

  • Removing all appliances, toys, personal photographs, family souvenirs, etc.
  • Painting interior walls with neutral colors
  • Putting away valuables, money, jewelry, etc. in a locked up safe place
  • Tidying up, or preferably emptying, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, etc.
  • Removing everything from entrances and foyers, save a few decorative pieces
  1. Clean and Show Off the House’s Best Features

Minimalism and cleanliness are key. Pay special attention to cleanliness by scrubbing all the doors, windows, floors and walls. Make everything spotless and sparkling clean. You may want to hire professional cleaners for your open house.

Once everything is spick and span, you must look into flaunting the best features of the house and maximizing curb appeal.

  • If you have hardwood floors, let them show by removing rugs and carpets
  • Draw out the curtains and drapes to let natural light flood in and give a view of the outside
  • Mow and water the lawn
  • Trim overgrown vegetation and plant flowers
  • Clean the backyard and pool
  • Stage the porch with flower pots
  • Lay a clean welcome mat
  1. Pay Special Attention to Kitchen and Bathrooms

Most people are going to make the final judgment about the house based on the condition of the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure they have been scrubbed, wiped and mopped. Also:

  • Remove damaged or outdated hardware
  • Organize the pantry
  • Wipe off stains from sinks, shelves and bathtubs
  • Empty and wash dustbins
  • Hang clean towels
  • Put out new boxes of tissue paper
  • Spray a nice air-freshener
  1. Spread the Word

After the house has been prepped with all essentials and relevant items, it’s time to let people around you know that the house is up for grabs. Marketing is a huge determinant of how many people show up at the open house.

  • Make a Facebook event and send out digital invites to all your Facebook friends
  • On the event page, post teaser photographs and short videos of the house
  • Get someone to testify to the neighborhood
  • Personally call up interested parties
  • Put up ‘Open House’ signs on your lawn and at nearby intersections pointing towards the house

Once the open house is go, it may be overwhelming to see strangers swarm into your house and analyze it for purchase. But, you must sound welcoming to each and every one of those strangers, because one might end up living in your bedroom.