SmartZip Analytics, Inc., known for its predictive marketing technology for real estate, announced the acquisition of Reach150, a referral management platform focused on relationship businesses earlier this month. REAL Trends interviewed CEO and president of SmartZip, Avi Gupta, to learn more about what this acquisition means for current clients of the soon-to-be-combined solutions.


RT: What prompted the recent acquisition of Reach150?

Gupta: We want to build the smartest customer acquisition platform. We asked ourselves how do you generate customers in a relationship-based business? It’s through targeted marketing. Reach150 brings user-generated content to the targeted client. Integrating relationship-based content compliments with our marketing strategy.


RT: Why was Reach150 the right acquisition for SmartZip to make?

Gupta: Reach150 has good traction with corporate accounts in real estate and adjacent industries. They help people grow their businesses by proactively building their online reputation across many industries. In addition, they have lightweight and easy-to-use technology. It’s not enough to get referrals. You have to be able to share them easily.


RT: How long will the integration of Reach150 into the SmartZip platform take?

Gupta: Parts of Reach150’s web-based technology have already been integrated into the platform. Social media technology parts, like Facebook integrations, will come next. In the next three to four months, SmartZip users will see integrations in the platform itself. For example, we will have robust profile pages.


RT: How will this integration save brokers-owners time?

Gupta: This combined solution will allow broker-owners to automate recruiting campaigns to their database. The system will automatically generate branded or co-branded advertising pieces based on review feedback from partner agents inside or outside of their firm. The advertising collateral is then marketed to the sphere-based database.


RT: How can sales associates take full advantage of the integrated system?

Gupta: Sales associates will not leverage the system the same as broker-owners. They will pull user-generated content from past clients or partner service providers (home inspectors, loan officers, etc.) and market those reviews to an uploaded database or a targeted database.


RT: Are there any other integrations, features or tools that we can expect to see from SmartZip in the next 12 months?

Gupta: We’ll continue to organically enhance our SmartTargeting platform, by using predictive marketing for sphere audiences. Part of this process includes adding additional data fields to the sphere database. Also, we will apply our predictive marketing to social channels. And build out our lead capture flows. Our goal is to continually give our clients more insights and intelligence about their prospective clients.


To see the full public release of the acquisition, click here.