We all know that a solid brand presence holds value for your brokerage. More importantly, your brand dictates how potential clients perceive your brokerage. A reputable brand builds trust and instills confidence in the potential buyer or seller. There are several factors that come into play on how to leverage your brand for search engines and increased visibility. They are:


  1. Branded Search. For a brand that is well established and has a reputable presence, branded search becomes easier as the years pass by. Why? When a potential searcher knows your brokerage’s name and conducts a direct search within search engines (Ex: First Team Brokerage), not only does this communicate that the searcher knows you have an established presence, but it’s a specific, pre-meditated search. Why does this matter? Search engines position and rank websites based on how well your website matches the user intent. Thus, a branded search will match the user with the exact searched experience, allowing your site to rank high in Google searches.
  2. Trust Ranking. Google and other popular search engines recognize user behavior and hold strong ranking factors behind the behavior a searcher takes when visiting a website. With an impactful brand experience, a searcher is more likely to stay on your website and navigate different pages, which indicates to search engines that the searcher trusts your website. Gaining user trust makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your overall digital marketing strategy.
  3. Traffic Channels. When your brand is established and trusted by users, they are more likely to share your content, subscribe to a newsletter, follow your brokerage, etc. With a trusted brand, a user feels confident following your social media accounts and recommending your brokerage to a friend. That trust impacts the organic aspect of search engine optimization for your brokerage. An example of this is a customer who recently bought a house. On social media, he shares a useful blog post from your site. When that link is shared and clicked, it drives traffic to your site and creates a backlink to your website.