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The Real Estate Market Bounce

Why More Millennials Are Investing in Real Estate By: Maricel Tabalba As a real estate professional, you’ve likely heard the flack about millennials and the complaints that they are more likely to move back in with mom and dad than purchase their own home. This notion, however, is false. Today, millennials make up the largest group of home buyers. Approximately 34 percent of home purchasers are no older than 36 years of age. This shift in real estate purchasing power for millennials is attributed to several factors. With an increase in mortgage interest rates, there’s a greater sense of urgency...

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3 Real Estate Challenges and How to Overcome Them

By: Bridget McCrea 31-year industry veteran shares his top tips for enduring success in real estate Business isn’t static, and without challenges, there isn’t any opportunity for growth. Dave Collins, SVP Broker Services for ERA Real Estate, says that when it comes to facing challenges, playing defense doesn’t work. “The only way to get ahead of the game is by being proactive versus reactive,” says Collins, who shares these three common challenges and how to overcome them: The industry is never static, and the market is constantly shifting, moving, and evolving. “You can’t stay ahead of the curve if...

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There’s No “I” in Team: 3 Tips to Creating a Top Producing Team

There’s No “I” in Team 3 Tips to Creating a Top Producing Team In a 2016 survey, Real Trends reported there were between 35,000 and 50,000 real estate teams in the U.S., twenty-six percent of which were formed in 2015. The report also stated, “teams in real estate create the opportunity to deliver information, guidance and customer service to clients without having to be a superhero individual sales associate who works 75-plus hours each week.” Overall teams can better support one another and their clients. Here are a few instances where teams can truly excel together: Supporting/coaching new agents...

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Sell It Faster: Checklist For An Open House

By: Rachel Stinson Holding an open house can be the most fun parts of selling your home. But, as exciting as it may sound to empty the house of your belongings and revamp it so that it looks presentable, the task comes with prep work and responsibility. Putting on an open house is by far the most efficient way of presenting your home in front of a buyer. Open houses hold great power in convincing a buyer of the feasibility and aptness of your place. However, only if done correctly. If making something presentable and appealing to the public’s eye is art, then an open house is art no lesser. In fact, if you ever get the chance to go to an open house in Marjan Island, you will see for yourself how much creativity and aesthetic sense people put into their open house days. But that comes secondary depending on the type of buyer you are trying to attract. What does stay primary to all open houses is the following checklist; one that must be looked into thoroughly before opening your house to potential buyers if you wish to make the right impact. De-Clutter and Depersonalize Remember, you only want to extend an idea of how the potential buyer can utilize the space in your house; not impose your own style. This plays an important psychological role in making the buyers believe that...

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Startup Toolkit: 5 Platforms to Get Your Startup Off the Ground and Running

By: Bonnie Hepler Unomy provides in-depth sales and marketing intelligence to B2B companies around the world. Every day our teams of data scientists, software developers, analysts, and B2B sales and marketing mavens are helping businesses around the world ?nd new customers, win more deals and market more effectively. Shufflrr, the leader in presentation management, helps enterprises automate the creation, distribution, updating, broadcasting and tracking of all marketing resources, regardless of file format. The company recently partnered with TransPerfect to help brands localize their messaging across the globe, giving users the tools to seamlessly assemble a new presentation out of...

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