Author: Brittany Shur

Better Than Retargeting? Facebook Launches Dynamic Search Ads

Facebook recently unveiled a tool specifically for real estate. Called dynamic search ads, this new product is available through the Facebook Ads Platform. Similar to retargeting ads, dynamic search ads allow real estate professionals to reach users who have previously viewed listings on their site.   Unlike traditional retargeting with a generic brand ad, Facebook’s dynamic search ads allow you to place similar properties in the newsfeed of potential home buyers. Facebook uses a unique algorithm to interpret a potential buyer’s search preferences by evaluating their browsing activity on a brokerage’s site. Using the brokerage’s listing feed, Facebook then...

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The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

With the recent news of Facebook robots creating their own language and the constant evolvement of Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots, it’s no wonder that people are questioning what the future of artificial intelligence holds. Despite millions of dollars in investments and countless research, AI is very much in its infancy, and we are far off from the “Skynet” robots of the future.   Nonetheless, the evolvement of technology has impacted the way we live and will continue to do so as it advances; the real estate landscape is no exception. Consumers now have the ability to search homes...

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What Turns a Click into a Lead? Track it Today!

As long as you receive the lead, you shouldn’t care where it comes from, right? Wrong! As digital marketing professionals, it’s our job to understand where and what turns a click into a lead. Understanding and tracking conversions are the only way to paint an accurate picture of your digital marketing efforts. Also, tracking conversions helps you evaluate your ROI for marketing dollars spent and understand the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.   For a comprehensive understanding of where your leads are coming from and what caused a consumer to take action, consider using Google AdWords as your...

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Office of the Month: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan

The June Office of the Month goes to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate’s Traverse City office! The team has created an office space that fully encompasses the way sales associates and teams conduct business, while also creating a welcoming and inviting space that encourages support and collaboration among peers. The open-floor plan provides common areas for employees and sales associates to communicate and support one another. From the decorative art to the natural sunlight streaming through the windows, there’s no doubt the Traverse City office is the kind of space any real estate professional would be proud to...

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Where Should You Invest Your Marketing Dollars?

The pros and cons of different social media platforms. by Brittany Shur, manager of marketing strategy & communication While social media is not a new concept, the marketing capabilities of social platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are expanding to meet the needs of a quickly evolving digital marketing landscape. It can be difficult to know which platforms are worth the marketing spend and which might leave you with less ROI. Here are the pros and cons of several marketing platforms: Facebook Pro: Facebook is the heavy hitter when it comes to social media advertising. Not only is...

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