Author: Brent Driggers

How to Choose a Web Vendor

You’ve heard many web vendor sales pitches, right? And, they all sound so convincing! There are plenty of wonderful web vendors out there who specialize in real estate websites. In fact, when we looked to see who designed the winning sites in the 2017 REAL Trends Website Rankings, three vendors stood out:   However, picking the right company to build your website is vital to your success. Always align your website goals with the vision of your firm, whether that be to focus on pure aesthetics and branding, backend tools for sales associates, CRM-driven backend integrations, or all of...

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2017 REAL Trends Website Rankings: Designing a Website? These are the Brokerage and Team Sites to Emulate!

REAL Trends Launches 2017 Real Estate Website Rankings REAL Trends announces the top residential real estate brokerage and team websites in its 2017 REAL Trends Website Rankings. If you’re looking to redesign or revamp your website, these are the best of the best and worth emulating! REAL Trends, the trusted source for news and research about the real estate brokerage industry, announced the results of the 2017 REAL Trends Website Rankings, a report of the nation’s leading residential real estate websites.   This year, the REAL Trends web consultants reviewed nearly 700 residential real estate websites solely based on their excellence...

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3 Tips to Optimize Content for Voice Search

Voice-based search is becoming more prevalent with mobile users, so it’s important to consider the impact this will have on brokerage and agent website engagement. Below are three tips to optimize content for voice search so that you yield search results and drive traffic to your website.   Mobile Optimization. While it’s essential to create a desirable user experience for desktop users, now you must cater custom user experiences for mobile visitors, as well. Voice search through a mobile device will present the opportunity. When a voice search is performed, your site must match the user’s voice search with...

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Why Infographics Should Be A Key Part Of Your Overall SEO Strategy

Want to drive unique visitors to your website? Look no further than infographics. Posting them creates a high-value marketing opportunity that can be shared and distributed across different channels and networks. Here’s how infographics and SEO work hand in hand. 1. Brand Awareness. Infographics create highly visual, expressive and influential content that can be digitally shared via popular social media and published on relevant real estate websites. A powerfully designed infographic will speak well to your brand and encourage people to distribute your content, thus driving more traffic to your website. 2. Blog Integration & Share Buttons. Adding an...

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Connect With Facebook Groups

Most businesses are using Facebook to market to targeted audiences. Take that one step further with Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups are full of people who share a similar interest or want to engage with people concerning local neighborhood information and events. By joining groups that interest you on a personal or geographic level, you can market to a targeted pool of people who may be looking for a reputable source for tips and advice to buy or sell a home. Here’s how to engage.   Identify a group. The first step is to identify a group that you consider relevant....

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