Last week we went through the first five ways of bringing your Facebook Page back to life, and now we’re going to jump right into the next five things that you can change to make your page more engaging, more interesting and convert your fans to supporters.

1.  Tune Out the Chatter
One the toughest parts about Facebook marketing is that there is so much material out there touting the best ways to promote your Facebook Page. But these mountains of quick fixes are not what makes you a success.  Integrate and strategize rather than log in and snap your fingers.  A successful Facebook strategy is not born from tactics, it’s born from a solid strategy that’s incorporated into the overall marketing activity of your company.

2.  Take Advantage of Applications
On Facebook, every Page comes pre-loaded with some applications such as pictures, discussions, events, etc.  But there are many more (FREE!) that are at your disposal and allow you to engage with your audience in a new way.  You know what your clients like or will be interested in, so go and find applications that they’ll enjoy using.

3.  Don’t Forget to Send Updates
Are you sending a weekly newsletter? Send one to your Facebook Page Fans as well. In the edit page function, under resources, you’ll see, “Send and Update.” The best part of this function is that you’re able to target it by location, sex and age.  It’s extremely useful and a great way to stay in front of your audience.

4.  Customize Your Facebook Landing Page
I’m sure you’ve been visiting Facebook Pages that have slick graphics, opt-in boxes, video and more.  These are custom designed and can really make a splash. You can install them and then have new people who visit your page land on this, rather than on your wall or info tab. These help you by giving a brief overview of who you are and what you do, and by instructing your visitors what to do (eg; “Like My Page”).  You can even offer first time customers a special or discount, if applicable. But most importantly it will upgrade your overall Facebook Page look and functionality and help promote the continuity of your website and company brand.

5.  Answer Every Comment
This is one of the biggest pitfalls. You post and people comment or like. Someone comes onto your page and posts to your wall. What do you do?  If you said nothing, then you’re missing the trick. Two-way communication is vital when you’re doing Facebook Page marketing, so make sure you write back to everyone who’s posted, commented or liked. Answer their questions, thank them for their comments. You want the conversation to continue, not end before it started.

Chris Tompkins is CEO and founder of Go! Media International. Email Chris for a free online marketing consultation.