4 Tips for Summertime Home Staging

Modern suburban backyard and living room with table setting and swimming pool

Effectively staging your home will help you land a big sale. While you don’t want to have a cookie cutter feel, you want to create an experience for potential buyers so they can picture themselves immersed in their new home.

You also should make sure you use staging techniques that are relevant for the season. Summertime staging incorporates many attractive features of the house, including outdoor areas, ample natural light, cheery colors and an overall airy feel. Here are some tips on how you should stage your house during the summer months:

Keep It Spacious and Airy

Summertime living is easy and breezy, so the interior of your house should also emulate this sentiment. Keep the interior clutter-free and make sure the furniture layout has a sufficient flow. Your interior colors should be of lighter hues, so the color scheme doesn’t visually bulk up the room.

Make sure you keep the curtains open, so there is ample natural light. Also be sure your furniture doesn’t block any windows or paths where the sun comes through. Keep screened windows open if you live in a temperate area, so you have a continual fresh breeze that wafts through the house. However, if you live in a hot climate, use air conditioning to prevent the house from feeling stuffy.

Highlight Backyard Entertaining Areas

Show off the patio as an additional room that potential homeowners can use during the warmer months. Stage an environment that transforms the outdoor space into a haven of entertainment. Create an inviting dining area with a patio table, chairs and umbrella. For chair cushions, choose classic color combinations like navy and white or a subtle summer floral pattern.

An outdoor fire pit is another feature that adds value to your home. Create a fire pit area and surround it with chairs or rustic log-cut stools. For an extra touch, set up a bar area. Include glasses, plates and all the accessories potential homeowners would need to throw a party in their new backyard.

Add Seasonal Accents

Make your house feel like it is full of life and wonder by adding some seasonal accents. The summer season reaps bountiful produce and beautiful florals, so create flower arrangements and artfully place them around the house. Make sure the flowers aren’t overly fragrant but have a hint of natural aromatics. For example, flowers such as jasmine and lavender have just the right amount of fragrance when used sparingly.

Use materials that give off a summer vibe. Rattan furniture, driftwood and rope remind people of boats and tropical destinations, which scream summer. Also, make sure your color scheme isn’t overwhelmingly bright. Instead, your decor should be light, airy and neutral with some accent colors or patterned pieces.

Pay Attention to Detail

The small details make a big difference. Don’t use the oven before your showing because it will raise the temperature in the kitchen. Open up all the curtains and blinds so the summer light can flood the room and make it shine. Keep the front and backyard groomed with a freshly mowed lawn and flower beds that aren’t ridden with weeds. And provide potential buyers with chilled water or soda so they have a positive experience.

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