Why is it that so much content is consumed on a mobile device? You would think the fact that most mobile devices have small screens would deter high video traffic. It’s less of a determent than you would think. There is less distraction when the screen is closer to your eyes when watching a video or reading articles on mobile than watching on a TV screen or reading on a desktop.


Some 62% of smart-phone users check their phones a whopping 31 times a day. 31! And, 73 percent always have their mobile phones on them. The video and speaker qualities are improving with every new release and marketing efforts are becoming more mobile friendly.


You must create your content to convert on mobile. Consumer behavior is different on mobile, and your creative should reflect that. Placing the creative, you have always used in the past for previous marketing endeavors is not going to cut it. It will not perform the same. Here are three tips:


  1. Capture Attention. You must capture attention in the first three seconds. Pack an early punch with features such as lighting, color and movement in those beginning seconds.


  1. Frame Your Story. Create your video content so that it’s played correctly in the square format. Remember, users don’t always turn their phones to watch a video, and the goal is to take up as much screen space on the mobile phone as a person is scrolling.


  1. Design for Sound Off. Can your target consumer understand your message without relying on lengthy text or audio? Tell your story visually with minimal text. Emphasize graphics to help deliver your message. If you need to use text or if your video is conversational, include captions.