Since getting licensed and joining Cantor-Pecorella in 2005, Erica Miller has developed marketing and sales programs for over 15 New York City condominium developments, totaling over $2 billion in sales. Named one of 2016’s Women in Real Estate by Sokol Media, Miller’s most recent property is MetroLoft’s 443 Greenwich, a 53-unit luxury loft project in Tribeca.

“Every day brings something new and challenging,” says Miller, sales director. A former fashion industry specialist, she says working in New York’s luxury market presents a unique set of challenges, namely to its sales price points and buyers’ discerning preferences and tastes. “We’re dealing with condos that are priced as high as $55 million,” says Miller, who relies on these three success strategies:

  • Get involved with projects from the ground floor. Miller doesn’t wait until its time to go to market to get involved with the high-end luxury condo developments that she sells. “We come in at the very beginning of a project by helping the sponsor,” she says, “assisting the architect with floors plans, and ensuring that everything about the development fits the market that we’re catering to.”
  • Design the sales gallery with a “journey” in mind. Because she’s usually selling high-end condos out of a sales gallery—and isn’t able to physically be on-site—Miller uses floors plans, sample finishes, and a storytelling approach to get prospects interested in the development. She gets personally involved with the process, helping buyers make their choices and envision the final product.
  • Establish face-to-face connections with all partners. By getting to know the interior designers who are selecting the finishes and helping the building owners decide on the best possible amenity packages, Miller positions herself as the “go to” Realtor on every project that she works on. “It’s very hands-on and face-to-face from start to finish,” she explains. “This really helps when it comes time to sell the condos to individual buyers.”

With three projects in the pipeline for 2017, Miller is already working with the architects on those floor plans and the creative professionals on the interiors. “By being on the ground floor, I’m able to get up-close-and-personal with the projects and partners/sponsors right from the outset,” says Miller. “That, in turn, helps me create a more compelling and engaging buying experience for my clients.”